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Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil

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Groundnut oil has several benefits and is commonly used for cooking & typically for frying because of its neutral taste. It is basically a vegetable oil derived from edible groundnut peanut plant seeds. Groundnut oils can be classified as refined, unrefined, and cold & wood pressed which may have variations in value and benefits.

Benefits of Wood Pressed Groundnut Oil :

  • High Vitamin E-Content
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Diabetes
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Boosts Heart Health
  • Slow Down Cognitive Disorders
  • It is Loaded With Antioxidants
  • It Boosts Skin Health
  • It Promotes Heart Health
  • It May Fight Cancer
  • It May Improve Insulin Sensitivity

It is a common belief that organic, cold-pressed or wood pressed oils are healthier than their refined counterparts. Organic products already have a reputation for being healthy as they retain their nutrients and flavour. At the same time, they are safer since they do not involve any chemicals in the production or processing stages.

Benefits of Groundnut Oil :

  1. Groundnut oil provides a healthy balance to our bodies that benefit our health in a variety of ways.
  2. It is high in minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds, all of which are beneficial to your health.
  3. Wood-pressed groundnut oil can be used topically to improve skin health & it is well known for its anti-aging properties which reduce all apparent signs of aging like dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines,  uneven skin, and pigmentation.
  4. What makes our wood pressed oil popular and unique is, that we source mature groundnuts from local framers, We grind the oil using the traditional wood pressed method and no chemicals are added in the process.

Why Everyone Should have Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil on their Kitchen Shelf

  1. Have you ever sensed a smooth and nutty flavour in your delicious food item? That is the delicious and aromatic flavour of groundnut oil! A light golden coloured oil, cold-pressed groundnut oil is often used in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. It can be used for frying, cooking, as a dressing for salads and even sautéing.


    If made with an authentic method, cold pressed groundnut oil is one of the best oils one can consume. It has a delicious nutty flavour with a high-smoking point, which makes it a healthier choice for cooking.

The Difference Between Kachi Ghani Groundnut Oil and Industrially Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Most of the groundnut oil that we find in the market is industrially processed. This means that high temperatures are used to extract oil from mediocre ranged peanuts. It is heavily refined, bleached, and deodorized to add artificial smell, color, and taste.


This breaks the Omega-6 fats resulting in free radicals. This means you are consuming unhealthy oil full of preservatives and chemicals.


The real gourmet quality groundnut oil is absolutely unadulterated. It is a little more expensive than regular groundnut oil because it uses natural ingredients, sans any chemicals, and is made using wood pressed (Kachi Ghani/Kolhu/Chekku) method with quality peanuts and no heat.


The difference between industrial groundnut oil and cold-pressed groundnut oil can easily be seen, since the wood pressed groundnut oil will have a rich copper color, whereas refined peanut oil will have a faded hue, owing to the bleach and refinement.

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